I'm a Private Healthcare Advocate/Navigator based in Sonoma County, CA USA. I provide a continuum of care from Health Advocacy and Patient Navigation to End-of-Life Planning and Support - all based upon my 45+ years of experience navigating medical and healthcare systems on behalf of myself, my family, my friends and clients/associates.
     The first hour of my time (by telephone, in-person, or via Skype VideoCall) will be provided to you for FREE. That way we can get to know each other and decide whether or not I can bring added-value and meaning into your, or your family member's, current situation. Advocating and navigating on folk's behalf through their myriad of doctors offices, hospitals, labs, medical clinics, pharmacies, insurance companies, and the like, is work that's as important to me - as it is 
life-changing to you.
     I deliver timely, meaningful support to folks battling with a healthcare system gone mad and a culture gone numb to some of the most basic needs of our fellow travellers.

And, you can begin by telling me your story right here.

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next few weeks of time. Thanks for your patience! - PWE)

     I love my hummingbirds here at Applewood Hill. They are my 'Crew'. They are my inspiration. They love me and I love them. It is as simple as that. So, today it was time to bring them in as close as I could. I wanted to feel the wind off their wings. I wanted to hear them chatter and chirp as they jostled for ports on the feeder. I wanted to be bathed in their magic and clarity and passion (yes, they are passionate little critters - just watch how they move and jig and jog and battle and display themselves to and for each other). And, I got to have all my wants fulfilled... The music was an accident. It was just what was playing from the player and could not have been more perfect. Thanks G. Dead. Thanks to my 'Crew'. Thanks to you for watching.... Enjoy your days. - PWE

Feeding a Hummingbird by hand - Paul W. Ennis - Patient Advocate Navigator - Sonoma County, CA USA
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​​Paul W. Ennis
Healthcare Advocate

Patient Navigator

End-of-Life Planner/Supporter

Sonoma County, CA  USA

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